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Massimo & Monica

  • Monica Prosperi – Technical Director

Everything starts in 1953 when my father Ivano Prosperi moved from the town of Recanati in Italy,in the region The Marches to Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, where after a great passion for the world of tourism, founded the POLVANI DO BRASIL, undisputed pioneer in the field of international travel and tourism, yet exists today. In 1958 I was born . From an early age of sixteen feel the passion for the world of travel and I began to learn this craft at the same Polvani. At age 18 i moved from Rio de Janeiro to Florence to study, where parallel, i started working at the representative offices of VARIG,Brazilian Airlines until 1980, when I returned to Rio de Janeiro and opened, with my brother, PORTONUOVO VIAGENS, which among other initiatives was the first to organize ecological safari in Amazon. Driven by the strong desire, not only to be able to work in tourism sector, but most of elaborate routes with care and attention to details, i opened the TOP TUR VIAGGI in the city of Civitanova Marche and there i remained until 1990, when my son, Massimo Antonio, was born . In 1998 the PROSPERI VIAGGI in my current city of residence, Corridonia in the region “The Marches”. Today, thanks to the great tool “Internet” from which we can inform especially in the world of Travel and being Massimo Antonio, a son of this technological age, invited me to work in this new project called MOMA TRAVEL.

  • Massimo Antonio Coppola –HOLDER

From an early age I was already in contact with the world of tourism thanks to a part of my family, who for years worked in this field, you can safely say that, i grew up in the travel agencies of my mother Monica, who taught me a lot of this profession. I was born in Rio De Janeiro in 1990, but I’ve always lived in Italy in the region “The Marches”. After i graduated from the Institute of technical Sales in Macerata city, i wanted to experience the world of work, after a small period spent traveling, i joined in the agency of my mother, PROSPERI VIAGGI and I began to learn this job, i watched spellbound little details that make this a unique profession, i have always been fascinated. In addition to other initiatives, i dedicated myself primarily to programming of tailor-made trips, something that attracts me mostly, i always saw a trip, a bit like a tailored suit, everyone has their own preferences and tastes, the same thing goes on the trip .In 2011, in parallel to tourism, I started in a collaboration with my father in a completely different sector, which still today, I maintain working relationships. So, since I have always been passionate about this great tool that is “internet” and considering the world of the web more and more innovative and visible throughout the world, I decided, that due to the great experience of my mother and my transportation to the Web, to created the MOMA TRAVEL.

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